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While kids are home right now, find ways to engage students with the outdoors through virtual field trips, lessons and activities. Whether it's getting creative with activities inside, or exploring your backyard and neighborhood, CMC's Youth Education Program has resources to keep your youth excited about the mountains. 

We have videos ranging from 2-15 minutes, quick activities, lesson plans, and worksheets on a variety of topics so outdoor enthusiasts of all ages can discover something new! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our content. 


YEP is providing free access to outdoor and environmental learning resources for our community. Please consider supporting YEP with your donation. 

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Ecology, Plants, and Local Nature Activities

Explore your own backyard and neighboring local spaces, learn about plants and ecology, and hone your observation and inference skills with these fun games and activities!

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
Quick Outdoor Activities

If your student is at home more often, you may be looking for activities to do outside while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Here are three ideas to get you started: Mapping your senses, cleaning up your neighborhood, and plant identification (PlantSnap app). 


K-8th 30 mins-2 hours
Move Like an Animal

In this fun active game, mimic how some Colorado animals move and learn about predators and prey. 

pre K and up 20-30 mins
Explore Your 5 Senses like an Animal!

In this activity, learn about your surroundings by using each of your 5 senses- touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste! Test your ability to use each of your senses at 5 different stations and learn about 5 animals that are masters of each of the senses along the way!

Activity Guide

pre K- 2nd  20-35 mins
Guess the Animal!

Use your skills of deduction while learning a little more about some Colorado animals!

Instructions/Lesson Plan

1st-8th 10-15 mins or more




Learn about bird adaptations, local Colorado birds, and tips and tools for identification. 

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
Draw a Bird

Learn to draw a Northern Flicker, and discover some fun facts about this unique woodpecker. Video

More tutorials for drawing other birds and animals:

K and up 20 mins- 1 hr
What Makes a Bird a Bird?

In this introductory lesson, learn about what makes a bird: test your bird knowledge, follow along to a story about birds, then go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood!

  1. True/False: Interactive Bird Video Quiz
  2. About Birds: A Guide for Children, by Cathryn Sill, Illustrated by John Sill. Video Book Reading
  3. Bird Search- Scavenger Hunt

Bonus Worksheet here

pre K-3rd 30 mins- 2 hours
Why do Birds Sing?

Birds make a variety of noises for different reasons. Learn about why birds may call and sing, and in this interactive game using your sense of sound, find your bird mate while avoiding predators!

K and up 30 mins-1 hour
Bird ID & Scavenger Hunt

Learn how to easily identify birds using the Merlin Bird ID app.

Then try to complete this Front Range Colorado Birds Scavenger Hunt!

K and up on-going
Bird Adaptaions: Build a Bird

Where do birds live? Can you design a bird from a selection of wings, feet, and beaks that make it well suited/adapted for a particular habitat?

K-5th 30-40 mins
How Birds Move- Birdy Says!

Birds get around in different ways, and these movements are interesting to observe and imitate. Learn how birds move through this “Birdy Says” (like Simon Says) game

K- 5th 15-30 mins




What is a mammal? Learn about mammal adaptations, local Colorado mammals, and create animal tracks.

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
What is a Mammal?

Learn about some characteristics that are unique to all mammals, find out more about some mammal groups, then test your knowledge by guessing the categories of some mammals from around the world!

Video: What is a Mammal?

K-5th 10-15 mins
Colorado Mammals

Colorado mammals are specially adapted to their environments. Observe some skins, skulls, and feet and learn more about what special adaptations these four Colorado mammals have!

Video: Colorado Mammal Adaptation Stations

pre K and up 20 mins




Learn about the rock cycle, identify different types of rocks, and learn how fossils and volcanoes are formed!

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
The Rock Cycle Song

Learn about the rock cycle by singing a song to the tune of row, row, row your boat!

1st-5th 5-10 mins
Rock Cycle Play Doh

Play with play doh as you learn about the rock cycle and recreate three different types of rock: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous.


Bonus activity 3-8th

20-30 mins
Making Fossils: Yummy Sediments

Journey back in time to uncover how fossils of animals that lived long ago are formed! In this edible experiment, create  your own fossils inside of sedimentary rock and enjoy a tasty treat afterwards!

pre K- 3rd 30-45 mins



Mountaineering & Wilderness Skills

What skills do you need to recreate safely outside: understanding Colorado's mountain weather, packing the 10 essentials, orienteering, shelter building, knot tying, and more!

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
The 10 Essentials Relay Race

Follow along to complete the 10 essentials race and packs your bag for a day of adventure. Along the way, learn the 10 Essentials you should bring to make sure you're prepared for time in the great outdoors!

K and up 15-30 mins
Colorado Weather: Mountain Barriers

In this quick and easy experiment, learn how Colorado’s Rocky Mountains plays a role in in it's unique weather.

1st-5th 40 mins-1 hour
Colorado Weather: Clouds

How can clouds help us predict weather? Learn about the the three types of clouds and make your own cloud journal

pre K- 3rd 10-30 mins
Colorado Weather: Lightning

Follow along and you will learn interesting facts about lightning and have a better understanding of dangerous mountain hazards and overall lightning safety.

Use the flashcards below (or make your own) and continue to learn and quiz yourself about lightning safety

1st-5th 45 min-1 hour+
Basic Climbing Knots

Practice three basic climbing & mountaineering knots at home (figure 8 follow through, stopper knot, and clove hitch) no special gear or equipment needed

1st and up 20-30 mins
Topography for Kids

Learn one of the basics of map reading and navigation through a fun lesson and activity. All you will need to participate is: Play-Doh, fishing line or wire, writing utensil and a piece of paper.

1st-5th 30-45 mins
Would You Clilmb Mt Everest?

Tune in for a historic account of the first successful climb of Mt. Everest and watch a Mountaineering Gear Show and Tell. Afterwards, make sure to test your Mt. Everest knowledge with our Mt. Everest Fact Match.


30 mins-1 hour

So You Want to Hike a 14er?

What does it take to hike a 14er? Follow along to plan and prepare for the challenge of summiting one of Colorado's famous 14,000 ft. peaks.


6th and up 15 mins



Environment & Stewardship

What does our environment and ecosystem do for us? Learn about our watersheds, the importance of pollinators, basic leave no trace principles, and what you can do to help protect our public lands.

Activity Description Suggested Grades Activity Time
Leave No Trace

Learn about the 7 Leave No Trace Principles, and an easy way to remember them by using these hand signals!


K and up 10 mins
LNT Scenario Matching Game

Test your knowledge of the 7 Leave No Trace Principles by matching these scenarios to their LNT principle. 

Online Matching Game

K and up 10-15 mins
Watersheds: Nature's Water Filter

What ecosystem services does nature provide for us? Learn about the importance of keeping our watersheds clean (pt 1: water pollution) while you design and create your own basic natural water filter (pt 2: nature as a water filter)​

1st and up 1-1.5 hours


Looking for more tips, tricks and skills for older youth or adults? Check out our CMC Online University!


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