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Mountain Weather



Gain awareness of Colorado's variable weather through observation and investigation. Choose one or all of the following topics:


Lightning: Create lightning sparks using a Van de Graaff generator and understand the science of how they occur in nature.

Mountain Barriers: Learn how Colorado’s topography and geographical location plays a role in the weather.

Clouds & Field Weather: Learn what the three main cloud type looks like and what sorts of weather they indicate. Measure and observe the current weather outside and make predictions of what weather is on its way.

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In our mountain weather program, students will:

  • Understand how lightning is created and how to be safe during a thunderstorm
  • Experiment how warm and cold air (fronts) move
  • Explore how Colorado’s geography plays a role in its weather patterns- how mountains act as a barrier.
  • Review the water cycle, learn how clouds are formed, and create a cloud guide to understand what sort of weather they indicate


Academic Standards & Additional Resources


Suggested Grades: 1-5


Group Size: 10-30 students per activity


Available: Year-Round


Length: 40-60 mins per activity


Location: at your school or American Mountaineering Center


Cost: $5-8/student

* scholarship application available upon registration


Suggested Pairings: