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Top 100 Peaks

Mt. Elbert 14,433' 1 Sawatch NE Ridge, East Ridge, SE Ridge, SW Ridge
Mt. Massive 14,421' 2 Sawatch East Slopes, SW Ridge, West Slopes
Mt. Harvard 14,420' 3 Sawatch South Slopes, North Slopes
Blanca Peak 14,345' 4 Sangre de Cristo NW Face
La Plata Peak 14,336' 5 Sawatch NW Ridge, Ellingwood Ridge, SW Ridge
Uncompahgre Peak 14,309' 6 San Juan East Slopes, SW Slopes, West Face
Crestone Pk 14,294' 7 Sangre de Cristo South Face, NW Couloir, North Buttress, North Pillar
Mt. Lincoln 14,286' 8 TM-Mosquito West Ridge, East Shoulder
Grays Pk 14,270' 9 Front North Slopes, SW Ridge, East Slopes
Mt. Antero 14,269' 10 Sawatch West Slopes,North Ridge, Little Browns Creek
Torreys Peak 14,267' 11 Front South Slopes, Kelso Ridge, Dead Dog, West Ridge
Castle Peak 14,265' 12 Elk NW Ridge, NE Ridge
Quandary Peak 14,265' 13 TM-Mosquito East Slopes, South Slopes, West Ridge
Mt. Evans 14,264' 14 Front NE Face, Chicago Creek NE Face, Mt. Evans Road
Longs Pk 14,255' 15 Front Keyhole, North Face, Kieners, Loft
Mt. Wilson 14,246' 16 San Juan North Slopes, SW Slopes
Mt. Shavano 14,229' 17 Sawatch East Slopes, Angel of Shavano, SE Slopes
Mt. Belford 14,197' 18 Sawatch West Slopes
Crestone Needle 14,197' 19 Sangre de Cristo South Face, Whitney, Ellingwood Arete
Mt. Princeton 14,197' 20 Sawatch East Slopes
Mt. Yale 14,196' 21 Sawatch South Slopes, SW Slopes, East Ridge
Mt. Bross 14,172' 22 TM-Mosquito West Slopes, NE Slopes, East Slopes
Kit Carson Mtn 14,165' 23 Sangre de Cristo East Ridge, West Ridge, North Ridge, The Prow
Maroon Peak 14,156' 24 Elk South Ridge, NE Couloir
Tabeguache Peak 14,155' 25 Sawatch SW Ridge, West Ridge, NE Ridge
Mt. Oxford 14,153' 26 Sawatch West Ridge, East Ridge, South Slopes
Mt. Sneffels 14,150' 27 San Juan South Slopes, SW Ridge, East Slopes, NE Couloir, North Buttress
Mt. Democrat 14,148' 28 TM-Mosquito East Ridge, SE Face, North Slopes, North Ridge
Capitol Peak 14,130' 29 Elk NE Ridge, NW Ridge
Pikes Peak 14,110' 30 Front East Slopes, NW Slopes
Snowmass Mtn 14,092' 31 Elk East Slopes, West Face, So. Ridge
Mt. Eolus 14,083' 32 San Juan NE Ridge
Windom Peak 14,082' 33 San Juan West Ridge, NW Face
Challenger Point 14,081' 34 Sangre de Cristo North Slopes
Mt. Columbia 14,073' 35 Sawatch West Slopes, SE Ridge
Missouri Mtn 14,067' 36 Sawatch NW Ridge, North Face, East Ridge, West Ridge
Humboldt Peak 14,064' 37 Sangre de Cristo West Ridge
Mt. Bierstadt 14,060' 38 Front West Slopes, East Ridge
Sunlight Peak 14,059' 39 San Juan South Slopes, West Ridge
Handies Peak 14,048' 40 San Juan West Slopes, Grizzly Gulch
Culebra Peak 14,047' 41 Sangre de Cristo NW Ridge
Ellingwood Point 14,042' 42 Sangre de Cristo SW Face, SW Ridge
Mt. Lindsey 14,042' 43 Sangre de Cristo North Face
Little Bear Peak 14,037' 44 Sangre de Cristo West Ridge, NW Face
Mt. Sherman 14,036' 45 TM-Mosquito Fourmile Creek
Redcloud Peak 14,034' 46 San Juan NE Ridge, West Gullies, South Ridge
Pyramid Peak 14,018' 47 Elk NE Ridge, NW Ridge, West Gully
Wilson Peak 14,017' 48 San Juan West Ridge
Wetterhorn Peak 14,015' 49 San Juan SE Ridge, East Ridge, East Face
San Luis Peak 14,014' 50 San Juan East Slopes, Wesrt Slopes, South Slopes
Mt. of the Holy Cross 14,005' 51 Sawatch North Ridge, Holy Cross Couloir, Halo Ridge
Huron Peak 14,003' 52 Sawatch NW Slopes, North Ridge, East Slopes
Sunshine Peak 14,001' 53 San Juan North Slopes, NW Ridge, East Ridge
Grizzly Peak A 13,988' 54 Sawatch East Ridge, South Ridge, West Slopes, Grizzly Couloir
Stewart Peak 13,983' 55 San Juan North Slopes, East Ridge
Columbia Point 13,980' 56 Sangre de Cristo East Ridge, Outward Bound Couloir, South Coulior
Pigeon Peak 13,972' 57 San Juan SW Slopes
Mt. Ouray 13,971' 58 Sawatch West Ridge, East Ridge, NE Ridge, Little Cochetopa
Fletcher Mtn 13,951' 59 TM-Mosquito SE Ridge, NW Face
Ice Mtn 13,951' 60 Sawatch NE Ridge, SW Face, The Refridgeator
Pacific Peak 13,950' 61 TM-Mosquito NE Slopes. East Ridge, SE Slopes, West Ridge, North Ridge
Cathedral Peak 13,943' 62 Elks South Ridge
French Mtn 13,940' 63 Sawatch South Slopes
Mt. Hope 13,933' 64 Sawatch East Ridge, SE Ridge, NE Ridge, Hopeful
Thunder Pyramid 13,932' 65 Elks West Face, South Ridge
Mt. Adams 13,931' 66 Sangre de Cristo West Ridge, SE Face, NW Ridge
Gladstone Peak 13,913' 67 San Juan North Ridge
Mt. Meeker 13,911' 68 Front Loft, South Ridge, Dragon's Tail, Meeker Ridge, NE Ridge, Dream Weaver
Casco Peak 13,908' 69 Sawatch North Ridge, NE Slopes, SE Ridge
Red Mtn A 13,908' 70 Sangre de Cristo NW Ridge
Emerald Peak 13,904' 71 Sawatch East Slopes, North Slopes, South Slopes
Horseshoe Mtn 13,898' 72 TM-Mosquito NE Ridge, Boudoir Couloir, West Slopes, South Ridge
Phoenix Peak 13,895' 73 San Juan South Slopes, NW Ridge, East Ridge
Vermillion Peak 13,894' 74 San Juan SE Ridge, Vermillion Dollar Coulior, NE Ridge, SW Basin
Cronin Peak 13,870' 75 Sawatch North Ridge, East Ridge, SW Ridge
Mt. Buckskin 13,865' 76 TM-Mosquito NE Slopes, SE Ridge
Vestal Peak 13,864' 77 San Juan South Face, Wham Ridge
Jones Mtn A 13,860' 78 San Juan South Ridge, West Ridge, NE Ridge
North Apostle 13,860' 79 Sawatch SW Ridge
Clinton Peak 13,857' 80 TM-Mosquito SE Slopes, NW Ridge
Dyer Mtn 13,855' 81 TM-Mosquito East Ridge, West Ridge, North Ridge, NE Slopes
Crystal Peak 13,852' 82 TM-Mosquito East Slopes, NE Ridge, Dyer Straights, East Ridge, South Slopes, SE Ridge
Mt. Edwards 13,850' 83 Front East Slopes, SE Slopes, SW Slopes, The Edwardian, West Ridge
California Peak 13,849' 84 Sangre de Cristo North Ridge, South Ridge, West Slopes
Mt. Oklahoma 13,845' 85 Sawatch SE Slopes
Atlantic Peak 13,841' 86 TM-Mosquito West Ridge, NE Slopes, Atlantis
Hagerman Peak 13,841' 87 Elks South Face, SW Ridge, East Ridge, Hager's Way
Half Peak 13,841' 88 San Juan South Ridge, East Face, SW Slopes, West Slopes
Turret Peak 13,835' 89 San Juan NW Slopes
Point 13,832 13,832' 90 San Juan NW Ridge, SE Slopes
Holy Cross Ridge 13,831' 91 Sawatch South Slopes, North Ridge, Teardrop, Halo Ridge, South Ridge
Jupiter Mtn 13,830' 92 San Juan SW Slopes, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io
Huerfano Peak 13,828' 93 Sangre de Cristo South Slopes, North Slopes
Jagged Mtn 13,824' 94 San Juan North Face
Lackawanna Peak 13,823' 95 Sawatch NW Ridge, Lakawanna Gulch, South Slopes
Silverheels, Mt 13,822' 96 TM-Mosquito South Ridge, NW Ridge, West Ridge, East Ridge
Rio Grande Pyramid 13,821' 97 San Juan East Slopes, Rincon La Vaca, Rio Nieve, West Slopes
Teakettle Mtn 13,819' 98 San Juan SE Ridge
Point 13,811 13,811' 99 San Juan South Slopes, East Ridge
Dallas Peak 13,809' 100 San Juan East Face, South Face