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Colorado Mountain Club
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Summit Completer Records


Congratulations to our 14er, 13er, and High Peaks Completers! 


Want to be on the same list as pioneering Colorado climbers such as Albert Ellingwood and Mary Cronin? Beginning in 1911 with first-ever 14er finishers Carl Blaurock and Bill Ervin, the Colorado Mountain Club has served as the state’s foremost authority on summit completions for more than a century. If you take on the life-altering challenge of climbing all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, and beyond, register your accomplishment with the CMC to ensure you’re included in the annals of mountaineering history.

The CMC officially recognizes 54 14ers as the number required to be considered a list completer. We will accept climbers who pursue a 14er list with a different total, such as 55 or 58, as long as they complete the minimum of 54. The list of 54 includes all 52 named peaks over 14,000 feet with more than 300 feet of prominence, plus North Maroon Peak and El Diente Peak for their history and aesthetics. The CMC does not currently include Challenger Point, which is historically considered a subsummit of Kit Carson Peak.

The Colorado Mountain Club is also the official record keeper for mountaineers who summit other predefined grouping of peaks, such as the Centennials and the 13ers. To finish all the 13ers, one must climb the 637 peaks that are between 13,000 and 13,999 feet in elevation.

The Colorado High Peaks Categories are as follows:

  • Highest 100 (Centennials)
  • Highest 200 (Bicentennials)
  • 13ers
  • 12ers

No matter which category, reaching any of these goals is a transcendent accomplishment. Congratulations to all those who have succeeded. Here's to your next summit – climb on! 


Summit Completer Form

14er Completers




Spencer Boucher Jaron T Sommer



William Blank

Harvey Salemeh

Amy Holzworth

Alex Walker

Tyler Nesper

Brandon Foor

Sarah Simon

John Bruschi

Joe Piestrak

Nicholas Klein

Chelsey Kahanu

Chase Harr

Ashley Munoz

Brian Richmond

Michael Nicklasson

Ulli Bayer

Eli Watson

Ross Gary

Brandon Cooper

Kevin Sean Moynihan

Kristian Woyna

Cody Hill

Jason F. Gross

Terry D Miller

Rahul Sawhney

Brittney M Woodrum

Trisha Bennett

Zak Greathouse

Dean "Wildman" Giuliano

Kathleen Ughetta

Andrew Tobin

Kristen Reiss

Phillip Reiss Jr

Adam Klopp

Sarah Henderson

Steve Soich

Ryan Traeger

Marshall Hull

Michelle Cooper

Rich Waterman

Charles LaFiura

John Collard

David Ross

Kang Chi Ho

Kimberly Wiederspan

Gene Porter

Eric Gilbertson

Eric Tolleson

Amanda L Tolleson

Tamara Lynn Lee Keogh

Kris Simons

Joel W Cabrera

Donnie Tyree

Michael McDonald



Michael Knight

Julia D. Kreger

Thomas P. Bailey

Christopher Baker

Janine Baker

Ling Li

David Way

Ken Goodson

Christopher Stiffler

Jennifer Bealer

Bradley Wilson

Martha Lamb Kretschmer

Robert McLeod

Ryan Weber

Kaiti Delaney

Courtney Carter

Barbara W Campbell

Jason Kline

Pierre Askmo

Jacob Lederman

James Niemeyer

Michael Coradini

David A Langley

Scott Conro

Heath Kidd

Jessica Kelly

Duncan Miller

Davis Rice

Kishore Thotakuri

Cody Clanton

Cody Yeaman

Sean Casey

Ben Brownlee

Ethan Gehl

Vincent D'Angelo

John Russell Slosson

Adam Wilbur


Brian Hoffman

Patrick Hidalgo

Nicholas D. Kemp

Scott Dyer

Steven Thomas

Elizabeth Eddison

Sheryl Mawn

Hans Erickson

Marc Gramlich

Perry Grandjean

Grant Haley

Jordan Elliot Jemiola

Andine Hennig Gilmore

Ben Pulver

Christopher Gibbons

Derek Rutledge

Meyer Lederman

Kelly L. Merrion

Peter Merrion

Aaron Krause

Brenden Kennedy Brown

Bradley Wilson

John M Brooks

Adam Foote

Matthew Krier

Stef Metcalf

Michael Rantis

Sharon Crawford




Alan Bridges

Patricia Perry

Travis Terrell

Tiffany Rose Miller

Megan Rieger

Tom Renaud

Steven M. Kremer

Alan Smith

Clay Caldwell

Andrew Gagnon

Janine Baker

Krista L. Scott

Mandy Miller

Joe Wright

Laura M. Clark 

Ali Oren

Carol Onofrio

Greg Onofrio 

Thonas P. Bailey

Mark Jefferson

Kay Yeager

Eli Boardman

Mathew Williams

Caleb Thompson

Lawrence M. Wilson

Graham Ryan

Kent Loar

John Allen

Michael Coradini 

Brian Hoffman

Aiden Goldie

Isaac Borrego

Malenie Shaffer

Douglas Redosh

Kenichi Kumada 

Dana Marie Lucero

Diana Williams Andrade

Sandra Gonzales-Madrid

Benji Leonard Gadberry

Joel Quevillon 

John Manner

John Young

Adam Stcleford

Jarred Carr

Mike Mackey

Rachel M Seccia

Nick Saladin

Morgen Cofer

Jenny Meyer

Julia D. Kreger

Patrick Webber

Brandon Daun

Davis Woodward

Stacie Quevillon

Jeffery Ladderud

Bryan Bishop

Olivia Mannino

Travis R. Slone 

Daniel Bortz

Meredith Stewart

Ray Schindler

Wayne Paugh

Brian Yohn

Lise Cotter Muzney

Rose Angry

Christopher Baker

Sean Suppl

Timo Holmquist

Ben Brownlee





Mindy "Superglamp" Willford

Justin Tarkington 

Joe Glass 

Stan Peterson

Joseph Barton DeMoor

Jeremy Michael Bauer

Stan Peterson 

Dan Erickson

Vladimir Solovey

Ty Fluth

Margaret Turner

Zach Braddock

Kristopher Black

Lindsay Fisher

Shad Mika

Zhiyong Lu

Chris Mueser 

Shawn Michael Adrian  

Darin Baker 

Andy Weilert 

Benjamin M. Weilert 

Scott Eichorn 

Richard Bullock

Scott Shave

Derek Rutledge

Michael N Malick

Tim Best

Brandon Hull

Leon Axel Stor

Hung Lieu

Rick Crandall

Micheal Bain

Jim Folwell 

Tim Holden 

Max Kiefer 

Steve Chappell

Kurt Zimmermann 

Kayla Jensen 

Troy Slater

Joe Shrigley

Jeffry Yoder

Adam Wilbur

Sam Heller

Glen Mizenko

Mark David Lopez

Thomas J. Morrison

Todd Bublitz

Austin Smith

Terry Waldick  

Jonathan Tyman 

Roger Stewart

Noreen Haines

Karen Lollis 

Chad Brenner 

Jon B Hood

Robin Lindsay

Kim Bessler

Gregg Epp

Rev. William A, Fisher


Mark Wilson 

Lee A. Breshears

Nick Mesenbrink

Tara Nichols

David Bushroe





Mathew Lavington

Buz Graves

 Pyrenee Steiner

M Steiner 

Andrew Prunty

Kent Drummond 

Kiefer Thomas

Tiffany Mead


Ethan Gehl

Buz Graves 

Daniel Suitor 

Mathew Lavington 

Lisa Fisbeck 

Isaac Bohrer








Allison Stewart 

Katie Miklovic Wiiliams 

Martin Sargent  

Jason Ciernia

Bobby Fuller

Arthur Bezuidenhout

Michel A. Etchebarne

Austin Porzak 

Beth Biersdorf

Kathleen T. Chandler

Mathew "The Legend" Morine 

Jomah Fangonilo

Dennis E. Witte

Mark K Witte

Matt Grabina

Troy Burke

Ted Ehrlich

K. Scott Kime

Todd Payne

Beth Ramey

Ron Ried

Kurt Tagliareni

David Waas

Scott Callahan

Rohit Shrestha

Rachel Miedema

Dave Olmstead

Aaron Ortiz

Chris O'Riley

Gary Knight

Michael Grundy

Robert Kay

Steven Mulhern

Senad Rizvanovic

Michael G. Zdero

Rick Howell

Dave tebben

Gary Johnston

Jayson Cowley

Kaydence Doremus

Aidan McGuire

Jordan Copenhafer

Alcia Copenhafer

Riley Mulhern

Robert Johannsen

John Degling 

Jacob Biller

David Kinton

Jennifer W. Saylor

Darren Parker

Irene Parker




Steve Megison

Phillip Erickson 

Eric J. Lee

Don Vanderndriesche

Brian Wilcomb

Bill Poshard

Andrew Carafelli

Robert Cicchetti

David W. Foster

Darren Funk-Neubauer


Ken M. Graves 

Richard Heppe

Steve Leitgeb

Tiffany Leitgeb

Mak J. Mitten

Sanja Nakovski

Alan Potts

Beth Potts

Ronald D. Pouliot

Justin Simoni


Mike Stolk

Boyd M. Van Voorhis

Brent Zimmerman

Dridget L. Bryson

Donna Lynne

James B. Simpson

Carol Beckman

Jim Davies 

Paula Dean

Justin P. Deulen

Shawn Donnelly

Greg Goebel

Micheal Knight

Daniel Langermann

Ben Lysdahl

Karin Brems Page

Derek Page

John Peretz

Brad Randolph

Antonio Vazquez

Micheal J. Weddell


Ted Elam

Jason Blyth

Brent S. Buchanan

Brad Stevens

Christopher Doucet



Official List of 14er Completers

13er Completers


Colorado has 637 peaks that are between 13,000 and 13,999 ft above sea level. The following people have successfully summitted all of them. Congratulations!


Name Year Completed
Kevin Baker 2018
Kent Beverly 2019
Cindy Annie  2019
Nicholas Baki 2019
Jon MacManus 2020
Terri Horvath 2020



Colorado High Peaks Finishers


Climbing mountains in Colorado doesn’t end with the 14ers. The highest 100 peaks in the state are known as the Centennials, a popular list that includes the 53 ranked 14ers and adds an additional 47 peaks above 13,800’. If that doesn’t satiate their appetite, peakbaggers can continue in pursuit of the Bicentennials (highest 200 peaks), Tricentennials (highest 300 peaks), and so on, all the way through completing all 637 official 13ers. The CMC keeps records of benchmarks for every 100 summits achieved.

Name High Peak Category Year Started  Year Completed
Roger Linfield 700 1981 2018
Mike Hruza 700 1964 2020
Debi Hruza 700 1965 2020
Tim Cooney 700 2013 2020
Carrie Cooney 700 2013 2020
Kevin F. Baker 600 1998 2018
Tru Pawsco 500 2017 2017
Ben Kusnetzky 300 2015 2020
Eddie Mack 300 1970 2019
 Renata Collard 200 2003 2020
Joe Piestrak 200 2012 2020
Randy Mack 200 2009 2020
Mark Ott 200 2006 2020
Michael Rodenak 200 2003 2020
Greg Gorrell 200 1982 2020
Ben Connors 200 2003 2019
Catherine Walter 200 1979 2019
Prestin Dennis 200 2014 2018
Williiam Young 200 1970 2018
Mike Bromberg 200 1988 2018
Robert 200 2007 2018
Bradley Dickerson 200 1992 2018
Stephen Mueller 200 1966 2017
Rose Angry 100 2018 2020
John Golob 100 1985 2020
Eric Gilbertson 100 2020 2020
Dave Cohill 100 1981 2020
Robin Lindsay 100 2012 2020
Marshall Hull 100 2002 2020
Katie Miklovic Williams 100 2016 2020
Kathleen T. Chandler 100 2011 2020
Laura Clark 100 2017 2019
Chris Kuelling 100 1991 2019
Joseph B. DeMoor 100 2016 2019
Rick Howell 100 2005 2019
Troy Burke 100 2005 2019
Mark Ott 100 1964 2019
Sharon Crawford 100 1988 2019
Ricky Carr 100 1970 2018
Beth Remey-Tagliarni 100 2008 2018
Kurt Tagliereni 100 2010 2018
Matt Payne 100 1985 2018
Ryan Richardson 100 2012 2018
Chad Pragner 100 1997 2018
Randy Mack 100 2009 2018
Joseph Piestrack 100 2012 2018
Michael Knight 100 2012 2018
Jane Reuteler 100 2013 2017
George Kasynski 100 1955 2017
James Hitch 100 2016 2017
Paul Andrews 100 2009 2017
Frank Dong 100 2005 2017
Del Gratz 100 1975 2017
Dennice Soderberg 100 2004 2017
John Soderberg 100 2004 2017
Kurt Mensch 100 2001 2017
Alex Henes 100 1995 2017
Kristi Henes 100 1982 2017
Bill Stafford 100 1998 2017
Mathew Lavington 100 1974 2017
Nephi Thompson 100 1992 2017
Paul Andrews 100 2015 2017
Bo Johnson 100 2004 2017
Darin Baker 100 2001 2017
Lisa D Heckel 100 1997 2017
Tim Cowen 100 1986 2017
Ben Lysdahl 100 2003 2014
Michael Conklin 100 2010 2014


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