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Event Details

Date Tuesday  12/15/2020
Group State CMC
Event Title Navigation Level 1: VIRTUAL
Status Approved
Leader CMC Office
Co-Leader Mark Frymier
Group Price $75.00
NonGroup Price $75.00
Leader Price Free
Available Participants 68
Type Members Only (Programs/Education)


Navigation Level 1 is the online course replacement for CMC Technical Climbing School Navigation Level 1. The short name for this course is Nav1. This CMC calendar entry will be shifted forward monthly to allow ongoing registrations under the same calendar entry. Once you are registered and have paid for Nav1, there is no need to re-register even though you may take multiple months to complete the course.

The Nav1 course syllabus is provided below in the Details section.

The Nav1 course is available to any and all CMC members with no pre-requisites. Nav1 itself is a pre-requisite for students pursuing TCS Alpine Climbing School certification. Nav1 is also a pre-requisite for Nav2, which is planned for release in spring 2021 (in delivery fomat similar to Nav1). CMC members may take Nav1 and follow it with Nav2 regardless of whether you are planning to pursue ACS certification. It is recommended that you not register for Nav2 until after you have completed Nav1.

You may enroll in Nav1 at any time and there is currently no requirement for speed of completion. The price for enrollment is $75. Like most other CMC courses, you will be required to sign a general liability waiver.

The Nav1 course is comprised of the following components:

     A. Pre-recorded content (5-6 hours) delivered online and self-paced via learning management platform at This part may be accessed at your convenience and requires you to use a computer with internet access and speakers.

     B. Self-study and practice of core competencies (1-2 hours). This is a general homework assignment which you may conduct in an outdoor setting of your choosing.

     C. Online interactive group webinar (1-2 hours) for Q&A and logistics planning (pertaining to field day). This is a group session conducted via Zoom conferencing software. You will need a computer with internet access, microphone and speakers. The current plan is to conduct the webinar session on the second Weds of each month, at 7pm MT. An electronic invitation/link will be provided to those students who have completed Parts A & B.

     D. In-person group field day (6-8 hours). The current plan to conduct the field day on the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the monthly group webinar. Group size is limited so you must have attended the webinar and been approved for the field day. For those approved to participate in the field day, more information will be provided upon conclusion of Part C.

To receive full credit for the course, you must complete all four parts listed above. If you register for the course and procrastinate or for whatever reason decide not to complete the entire course, that's on you; don't expect a refund. But the flip side is, you may take as much time as you like to complete parts A & B, then signup for the next available webinar and field day - subject to group size and permit limitations. If for whatever reason you cannot complete the webinar and field day immediately, then aim for a succeeding month. If you're actively working the process and it just isn't working out satisfactorily, then share your feedback; we may be able to schedule additional field days subject to student interest, group permit restrictions, group size limits, and instructor availability.

Please be advised: this online format/delivery is a whole new thing developed as part of CMC's response to Covid19, so we'll adjust the program as circumstances change and safety protocols are revised. CMC safety guidance will be followed closely to maximize safety

For more info Contact

Regarding registrations, payments, account setup, or packet mailing, please contact, or telephone 303-279-3080.

CMC Education Coordinator: Maddie Miller,

Nav1/Nav2 Lead Instructor: Mark Frymier,



Nav1 Mod0: Waiver
CMC Waiver
Nav1 Mod1: Course Overview
Nav1 Course Introduction & Welcome
Nav1 Course Positioning
Nav1 Course Outline
Nav1 Mod2: Maps
Nav1 Maps 1 - Types
Nav1 Maps 2 - MetaData
Nav1 Maps 3 - Contours & Topography
Nav1 Mod3: Compasses
Nav1 Compasses 1 - Types & Features
Nav1 Compasses 2 - Working Parts
Nav1 Compasses 3 - Setting Declination
Nav1 Compasses 4 - Azimuth & Directions
Nav1 Compasses 5 - Accessories & Tools
Nav1 Mod4: Earth Science
Nav1 Earth Science 1 - Magnetic Declination Intro
Nav1 Earth Science 2 - Magnetic Declination
Nav1 Mod5: Core Competencies 1-2
Nav1 Core Competencies Overview
Nav1 Comp 1 - Read Terrain
Nav1 Comp 2a - Orient Map (indoor)
Nav1 Comp 2b - Orient Map (outdoor)
Nav1 Mod6: Core Competencies 3
Nav1 Comp 3a - Position (area, line, point)
Nav1 Comp 3b - Position (Triangulation - overview)
Nav1 Comp 3c - Position (Triangulation - field bearings)
Nav1 Comp 3d - Position (Triangulation - backbearings)
Nav1 Mod7: Core Competencies 4-5
Nav1 Comp 4 - Measure Distances
Nav1 Comp 5a - Measure Slope (indoor)
Nav1 Comp 5b - Measure Slope (outdoor)
Nav1 Comp 5c - Measure Slope (outdoor2)
Nav1 Mod8: Core Competencies 6
Nav1 Comp 6a - Bearing Operations Overview
Nav1 Comp 6b - Measure Bearings on Map
Nav1 Comp 6c - Measure Bearings on Map (more)
Nav1 Comp 6d - Follow Bearings on Map
Nav1 Comp 6e - Follow Bearings on Map (more)
Nav1 Comp 6f - Measure Bearings in Field
Nav1 Comp 6g - Follow Bearings in Field
Nav1 Mod9: Homework and Terminology
Nav1 Homework - Skills Practice
Nav1 Travel Techniques & Terminology
Nav1 Plotting Exercise
Nav1 Online Course Conclusion
Nav1 Mod10: Webinar and Field Day
Nav1 Q&A Webinar - Field Day Planning
Nav1 Field Day - Rotating Schedule



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