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You are our resilience. Will you help us weather this storm


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In the 108 years since its founding, the CMC has weathered some serious storms—two world wars, Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, the Vietnam War, the Cold War. These events were separated by decades, but they had something in common: the CMC survived each of them because of our dedicated community.

The CMC members of generations past have left us quite a legacy. I’ll be very transparent with you: we don’t know what the future holds. We don’t yet know which programs may need to be cut permanently, depending on factors like how much grant funding we do or don’t receive from the state and the federal government and how long this crisis lasts. I want to be optimistic, since we have survived many crises before. What I do know, though, is that there’s one sure way for the CMC to come out on the other side of this intact, and that’s the support of members like you. 



“Because of Denver’s strict quarantine, no programs can be scheduled till danger from Spanish influenza is past and the ban is lifted,” reports the November 1918 issue of Trail and Timberline. (Sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?) After that, there was no newsletter for the rest of the year. Later, the editor explained: “The influenza quarantine so interfered with the activities of the Club that there was nothing to report, nothing to announce; in short, nothing to say.”

May 30, 1912 - First CMC Outing to Boulder Peak


We’re working hard to keep our organization nimble and deliver much-needed virtual programming to our members during these difficult times. (Luckily, technology has come a long way since 1918, and there’s still plenty to say.) A few of our significant pivots include: 

  • The new CMC Online University, which contains educational content for members to hone their skills and learn new ones, all accessible from your own home
  • Ongoing Strava contests to allow members to connect with one another
  • Organizing free, interactive webinars with pro athletes and first responders
  • Hosting virtual events such as trivia, author talks, and more so we can come together as a community while still doing our part to flatten the curve

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As we learned in the 1920s, even a pandemic doesn’t have to keep us down for long. The CMC added the Pikes Peak Group in 1919, Boulder Group in 1920, and the Fort Collins and Shining Mountain Groups in 1922. By 1923, the Club had grown from 450 to 1,300 members and was running programs statewide.

Today, we’re poised to do the same: the CMC is reinvigorating the Western Slope Group, is deeply engaged with its 7,000+ members, and even has a new backpacking section with more than 1,000 members. (Photo by Britt Jones)

Photo by Britt Jones


This work is crucial not only to the CMC, but also to our 7,000 members. We need your support today in order to continue delivering on key aspects of Strategic Plan 2025, such as:

  1. Creating activity-specific state-wide sections, like mountain biking and trail running
  2. Increasing the number of trips each year with enhanced trip leader support
  3. Welcoming all Coloradans to the CMC, no matter their experience, race, or religion

This is truly one of the most difficult times the CMC is ever going to face. I say that now, knowing that our predecessors likely thought the same thing during the Great Depression or World War II. I’m so grateful that CMC members stepped up to support their Club during those unprecedented times—I’m thankful for the legacy they left us.
Now, it’s our turn. Will you join me in helping CMC weather this storm?


With Gratitude, 

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Keegan Young, Executive Director


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We've been through a lot. We always come back stronger. 

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There are many more adventures to come.



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