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The CMC State Office is offering in-person and hybrid WFA classes in partnership with Backcountry Pulse!


Do you know what to do if your hiking partner gets hurt? Whether you spend most of your time on frontcountry trails or many miles from the nearest road, a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course prepares you for the possibility of a backcountry emergency and is your first step toward becoming more self-sufficient on the trail. You’ll learn how to assess patients, provide effective treatment for common outdoor illnesses and injuries, and make evacuation decisions.
The CMC has developed two formats for WFA courses: (1) a two-day, 16-hour in-person class. and (2) a 16-hour, two-part hybrid course where participants complete 8-hours of self-paced learning through videos, reading, and on-line quizzes followed by the in-person 8-hour field day. Students have the option which format they prefer when registering for a WFA class using the link below.
(Type WFA in the Keyword Search Box)

Course Overview:

This WFA course teaches students the skills to anticipate risks and hazards, identify medical, traumatic, environmental problems, recognize life-threatening issues, initiate basic care and deliver a cohesive report. The curriculum forces students to think creatively, adapt to ever changing situations, and learn valuable leadership, decision making and commutation skills There are no prerequisites and courses are open to students 18 and over. This course also satisfies the requirements for CMC trip leaders. This course will focus on:  
  • Prevention of potential problems, rescuer, patient and bystander safety.
  • Performing a basic physical exam, identifying abnormalities and life-threatening problems, obtaining vital signs, patient history, and writing and verbalizing a report for a walk-out evacuation or hand-off.
  • Treatment and stabilization of emergencies, improvising splints, bleeding and wound control, management of heat and cold illnesses, hydration problems, drownings, lighting injuries, spinal cord protection, basic patient lifts and transfers.


Course Price:

  • $200 for Leaders Who Do Not Apply for Free Tuition (see below)
  • $225 for CMC members
  • $245 for non-members

Certifications awarded after course participation, written and practical examination:

  • Wilderness First Aid (including Epinephrine Auto-injector training)

Re-certification Information:

  • All certifications listed above are valid for two-years with no grace period.
  • Wilderness First Aid can be kept current by taking a Wilderness First Aid course within the two-year period.
A bit about our partner, Backcountry Pulse. Their courses are engaging, hands-on and instructed to the latest evidence-based practices in wilderness medicine. Instructors are wilderness medicine professionals and skilled outdoor educators with years of experience working remote, complex rescues and guiding groups in dynamic environments. All courses are nationally recognized
and have reciprocity among other wilderness medicine education companies. Programs are continually updated to reflect the latest evidence-based practices.
Free WFA Training for Volunteer Leaders!

The Colorado Mountain Club is pleased to offer free Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training for trip leaders and instructors! There are a number of spaces per course reserved for volunteer leaders who meet the following conditions: 
  1. Be a trip leader, instructor, or CMC member in the process of becoming a trip leader or instructor. 
  2. Lead a minimum of 6 trips or school field days in the two years following training.
In order to receive this free WFA training, please submit an online applicationThe CMC State Office will review applications on a rolling basis. Once your application is approved, the CMC State Office will contact you to get you registered for an upcoming course. This free WFA training only applies to courses offered by the CMC State Office. There will be a $25 fee for leaders who wish to cancel or transfer their registration at any time prior to the course. 
Please contact the CMC State Office at or 303-279-3080 with any questions. Thank you for your volunteerism! 
COVID-19 UPDATE: The CMC has extended the certification requirements for trip leaders. Leaders with certifications that expire anytime in 2020 or 2021 can continue to lead trips and have until December 31st, 2021 to recertify their WFA training. We always recommend having a co-lead for CMC trips. If you need help connecting with a co-lead, please reach out to