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Event Details

Date Thursday  1/13/2022
Group State CMC
Event Title CMC Rock Warrior's Way Training Course
Start Time 4:00 PM
End Time 9:00 PM
Status Approved
Member Price $165.00
Non-member Price $165.00
Available Participants 5
Type Education (everyone)


Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag - Denver
8610 E 21st Ave, Denver, CO 80238

For more info Contact

CMC Contact: Carol Kotchek
(303) 996 2765

Course Instructor: Sevve Stember
(218) 280 7939



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Warrior's Way is an international community of mental climbing training.  Our accredited instructor will guide you on your way towards becoming a more confident climber.

Jamie starts to move above the bolt, feeling sure she’s about to approach the crux of the route. The next bolt is only 4 feet up, but it feels further. She make a few tentative moves, her last bolt now just a bit below her figure-8, scared to go any higher. “Take!” she yells.

Most climbers experience this same feeling: move into the fall zone while leading indoors, become unsure/scared, and then yell for the belayer to take. But you can safely and easily learn to lead above the bolts with confidence and not worry about the fall.

This 4-hour gym clinic on climbing mental training teaches you how to become comfortable falling and making moves before reaching a rest stance with the goal of sending more routes and having more fun climbing.


Class Overview

You’ll do progressive falling practice, starting with falls on a top rope pushing in and out of the wall (what we call Catch & Release). Then your trainer teaches you how to take small lead falls, and then as you become comfortable, slightly larger lead falls (Fall Casting).

Hands-on practical sessions also include how to move efficiently and how to rest; drills to control your breathing; body/mind mental awareness exercises to keep control of fear and discomfort (using the Catch Your Devil drill).

Towards the end of the clinic you apply everything on a goal route, either on lead or on top rope. During the early part of the clinic you worked on individual pieces – on the goal route you assemble the puzzle pieces on a redpoint burn of a route that challenges you.


Pre Requisites

  • Top-rope certified at ÜG before the start of the course
    • Lead climbing knowledge is not required but is recommended.  Climbers wishing to lead must be lead certified at ÜG before the start of the course.
  • Able to toprope 5.9 in a gym without falling or hanging
  • Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
  • At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year
  • Übergrippen requires the use of an Assisted Braking Device.  Several options are available for rent; be sure you know how to use at least one style of ABD.
  • Completion of Rock Warrior's Way waiver before the start of class.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • Fall safely
  • Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
  • Break a climb into smaller risk events
  • Assess risks effectively
  • Distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
  • Engage no- and yes-fall zones appropriately
  • Make appropriate risk decisions
  • Improve body and mind awareness
  • Rest effectively
  • Improve breathing
  • Create flow and momentum
  • Deal with climbing stress
  • Commit more deliberately
  • Reduce fear
  • Mental training resources


Participants will recieve:

-A laminated reminder card
-A reference PDF for all exercises learned in the course
-Free follow-up lessons via email
-20% discount to Evolv Sports