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Event Details

Date Wednesday  4/28/2021
Group State CMC
Event Title TCS/ACS Basic Climbing - Modular Track
Status Approved
Leader Valerie Hawks
Co-Leader Andrew Hawks
Member Price $95.00
Available Participants Standby
Type Education (everyone)


5:30pm to 9pm

Climbing Wall @ CMC/American Mountaineering Center
710 10th Street
Golden, CO 80401

For more info Contact

Val Hawks


Basic Climbing is the CMC's foundational climbing class.  It may be taken as a stand-alone class, or as part of the Alpine Climbing School "Modular" track.  Click here to learn more about climbing classes at the CMC.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Rock climbing equipment selection and use

  • Belay technique with an ATC and Gri-Gri.  We teach the break-under-slide method.

  • Belay stance and ground anchors

  • Climbing commands and partner checks

  • Climbing movement and technique

  • Basic climbing knots: Figure 8 retrace, overhand on a bight, girth hitch, square knot)

  • Rope coiling: butterfly coil and backpackers' coil

Required Equipment:

  • climbing harness

  • mountaineering boots (If ACS student) or rock climbing shoes

  • climbing helmet

  • belay device

  • locking carabiners

  • safety leash (e.g. 48" sewn nylon sling)

  • belay gloves (optional).  Gloves made especially for belaying are great, but an inexpensive pair of leather work gloves from the hardware store are fine too.

CMC can provide most equipment but you are welcome to bring your own. CMC does not provide mountaineering boots or belay gloves.

Next steps

Go climbing!  Practice your new skills at climbing wall nights and trips to the local cliffs.

Continue learning.  This class is a prerequisite for:

  • Intermediate Rock Climbing (Alpine Climbing School "Modular")

  • Technical Snow (Alpine Climbing School "Modular")

  • Basic Ice Climbing

Click here to learn more about climbing classes at the CMC.


Equivalency is for experienced climbers who have not taken CMC Climbing courses.  It's an opportunity for those climbers to waive out of Basic Climbing class to gain access to more advanced CMC climbing courses and parpticipate in CMC Top-Rope Climbing Trips. Search the CMC calendar for 'Basic Climbing Equivalency' to find an upcoming session


Attendance/Completion Policy

Students must attend all lectures and field days to receive credit for completing the course. Students will not be allowed to continue beyond a missed lecture/field day. Students must also demonstrate mastery of the both the prerequisites and the skills taught in the immediate class. If such mastery cannot be demonstrated, the student will be asked to repeat the course. If a student cannot demonstrate mastery of the prerequisites the student will not be allowed to continue in the class. Note that classes sometimes show "Sessions"; Basic Climbing Session A, for example. Sessions are simply alternate dates of the same class. In other words, you may choose Session A or Session B, depending on which dates work best for you. You do not have to complete both Session A and Session B.

Cancellation Policy

CMC COVID-19 Classes Policy


Sorry it is past the registration deadline for this event.