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Event Details

Date Tuesday  6/21/2022
Group State CMC
Event Title TCS Nav2 VIRTUAL Course
Status Approved
Leader CMC Office
Co-Leader Mark Frymier
Group Price $50.00
NonGroup Price $50.00
Leader Price $25.00
Available Participants 475
Type Members Only (Programs/Education)


[Pay no attention to the calendar date associated with this event; there will be no actual class or meeting on the date listed. This CMC calendar entry will be shifted forward monthly to allow ongoing registrations under the same calendar entry. If you read thru the following course description and have more questions, please check the calendar first Weds of each month for TCS Nav1/Nav2 Info Session.]

Navigation Level 2 VIRTUAL is the online course replacement for CMC Technical Climbing School Navigation Level 2. The short name for this course is Nav2. Nav2 is open to any and all CMC members with the only pre-requisite being Nav1.The full Nav2 course syllabus is provided below in the NOTES section.


  • ACS TEAMTRACK STUDENTS: You will receive access to Nav2 as part of your ACS program, and therefore you do NOT need to enroll directly or pay separately for Nav2. In fact, once you've finished reading the remainder of this bullet item, you can close out of this course description and just work directly with your ACS instructor regarding all things Nav2. You DO, however, need to complete Nav1 before proceeding with remainder of the ACS program, so if you haven't already enrolled and completed Nav1, then get busy with that first.
  • ACS MODULAR STUDENTS and REGULAR CMC MEMBERS NOT PURSUING ACS: As you are taking TCS courses ala-carte, you DO need to enroll directly into Nav2, pay the registration fee, complete the online learning, complete the webinar and field day, and confirm that your member records are updated accordingly. Just make sure you have already completed Nav1 Virtual course and Field Day and received graduation credit on your member record before you enroll into Nav2.

The price for enrollment in Nav2 is $50. Like most other CMC courses, you will be required to sign a general liability waiver.

For more info Contact

QUICK SUMMARY: Complete the online course and homework assignments. Review any material that you feel shaky about, or attend the first Weds of the month Q&A Session for help. When you're ready, take the provided password and use it to register into the field day and associated webinar. Finish both and check your member transcripts. Get out there and practice your skills. Volunteer your time and talents to help improve the program!

Regarding registrations, payments, account setup, or packet mailing, please contact, or telephone 303-279-3080.

CMC Education Coordinator: Maddie Miller,

Nav1/Nav2 Lead Instructor: Mark Frymier,



The Nav2 course is comprised of the following components:

Part-A. Pre-recorded content (4-5 hours) delivered online and self-paced via learning management platform at This part may be accessed at your convenience and requires you to use a computer with internet access and speakers. You are encouraged to access course modules or suggested reading material as many times as needed to gain a firm grasp of the content. (If you buzz through the recordings and move on to the field day, you are cheating yourself and you may be depriving other students of the best possible experience during the field day. Be thorough and move forward when you are ready. Also remember you may return to either Nav1 or Nav2 course content any time so long as your CMC-Schools account remains active.)

Part-B. Self-study and Homework (2-3 hours). This is a general homework assignment which you may conduct indoors, which will require use of a computer and internet connection. When you're feeling confident in your understanding of the material, move on to the next step.

Part-C. Online interactive group webinar (1 hour) for Q&A and logistics planning (pertaining to field day). This is a group session conducted via Zoom conferencing software. You will need a computer with internet access, microphone and speakers. You'll actually have to register for the field day under Part-D, and with that you'll find out when the webinar will be conducted. The webinar is attended by the same students and instructors who will be with you on the field day. Generally, the webinar is conducted on a Weds or Thurs evening at 7pm MT,  2-3 days prior to the Saturday field activity. Instructors will track participation.

Part-D. In-person group field day (6-8 hours). Each field day will be posted as a separate trip on the CMC calendar. Use the password received in Part-A to enroll in the trip and the associated webinar. Instructors will track participation and report course completion to CMC office.



Nav2 Mod0: Waiver
CMC Waiver
Nav2 Mod1: Course Overview
Nav2 Course Introduction & Welcome
Nav2 Course Outline
Nav2 Mod2: Miscellaneous
Nav2 Misc 1 - Pace Counting
Nav2 Misc 2 - Dead Reckoning (Florida Adventuring)
Nav2 Misc 3 - Leap Frog
Nav2 Misc 4 - Obstacle Avoidance
Nav2 Misc 5 - Back Bearings
Nav2 Mod3: Coordinate Systems
Nav2 Coord 1 - Overview
Nav2 Coord 2 - Latitude/Longitude Basics (Andy Jensen)
Nav2 Coord 3 - UTM Basics (GISGPS)
Nav2 Coord 4 - UTM for Hikers (CROC)
Nav2 Coord 5 - Grid Tools
Nav2 Coord 6 - GPS Device Settings
Nav2 Coord 7 - Converting Coordinates
Nav2 Mod4: Route Planning
Nav2 Route 1 - Trip Planning Overview
Nav2 Route 2 - Route Planning The Hard Way
Nav2 Route 3 - Route Finding
Nav2 Mod5: Software Tools
Nav2 Tools 1 - Software Tools Overview
Nav2 Tools 2 - Caltopo Basics (Outside Chronicles)
Nav2 Tools 3 - Working with GPX & KML data files (CROC)
Nav2 Tools 4 - AllTrails Pro
Nav2 Tools 5 - GAIA GPS Tutorial (Outside Chronicles)
Nav2 Tools 6 - MyTopo Map Setup (
Nav2 Tools 7 - (Nicholas Gianoutsos)
Nav2 Mod6: Homework and Terminology
Nav2 Homework 1 - Practice Exercise in three parts
Nav2 Online Course Conclusion
Nav2 Mod7: Webinar and Field Day
Nav2 Webinar and Field Day
Nav2 Mod8: Optional
Nav2 Extra - North References and Declination (Maptools)
Nav2 Extra - Plotting UTM Coordinates (Maptools)
Nav2 Extra - Caltopo Full Tutorial (CMC video)
Nav2 Extra - Coordinate Systems and Datums (Middlebury)
Nav2 Extra - Google Earth Basics (Luc Mehl)
Nav2 Extra - Google Earth Route Planning (Luc Mehl)


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