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Event Details

Date Friday  2/1/2019
Group State CMC
Event Title Alpine Climbing School (Formerly BMS) Session A (Team Track Students)
Start Time 8:00 AM
End Time 12:00 AM
Status Complete
Leader CMC Office
Group Price $500.00
NonGroup Price $500.00
Leader Price $500.00
Available Participants 24
Type Members Only (Programs/Education)


Lectures at the AMC
Field Days TBD

For more info Contact


CMC Office



All applications Due by Jan 10th, 2019, Notifications for acceptance will be released by Jan 31st, 2019. We admit 48 students per year. 

Once you are admitted you will be given a passcode to sign up for this event. 

Alpine Climbing School provides you with the skills needed to participate safely on non-glaciated CMC mountaineering climbs within Colorado in all weather conditions. These skills include navigation and route finding, planning and organizing climbs, rock climbing skills for following on fourth and fifth class routes, and snow climbing skills up to and including roped climbing with crampons.


  • Wilderness Trekking School or equivalent experience is a pre-requisite to start Alpine Climbing School. 

  • C Hiker classification before you can do the Snow grad climb and the High Peak grad climb. The High Peak grad climb is a D Trip.

  • C level fitness will be needed many of the classes. You will be carrying far more gear and weight than you are probably accustomed to. And you might be working at higher elevations than you are accustomed to.

This is the team track for Alpine Climbing School. That is, you commit to a block of dates and work with the same students throughout the course (although you might have different instructors from class to class). If these dates do not work for you, the modular system is the alternative; look for each of the individual classes in the CMC Calendar.

You must commit to ALL of the following dates plus two dates TBD. You must commit to all dates plus be open for the Snow climb and High Peak climb. Note that the Snow climb and High Peak climb are TBD; keep your calendar open. If you miss one of these dates, you will not be allowed to continue because your absence raises a safety issue. And you will be unable to complete Alpine Climbing this year. In addition, please keep your calendar open in case we need to reschedule due to weather.



Nav 1 Lectures: Feb 19 and Feb 20 (Sessions A and B Combined))
Nav 1 Field Day: Feb 23 all day starting at no later than 6:00AM
Nav 2 Lecture: March 5, 6:00-9:00PM (Sessions A and B Combined))
Nav 2 Field Day: March 9, all day starting at no later than 6:00AM
Basic Climbing Classes: March 12 and March 14, 6:00-9:00PM
Intermediate Snow Lecture: March 26 (Sessions A, B and C Combined)
Intermediate Snow Field Day: March 30, all day starting at no later than 6:00AM
Advanced Snow Lecture: April 15; 6:00-9:00PM (Sessions A, B and C Combined)
Advanced Snow Field Day: April 20, all day starting at no later than 6:00AM
Technical Snow Grad Climb: TBD, keep your calendar open
Intermediate Rock Lecture: May 29, 6:00-9:00PM
Intermediate Rock Field Days: June 1 and 2 - All day 

High Peak Grad Climb:TBD, keep your calendar open

Attendance/Completion Policy

Students must attend all lectures and field days to receive credit for completing the course. Students will not be allowed to continue beyond a missed lecture/field day. Students must also demonstrate mastery of both the prerequisites and the skills taught in the immediate class. If such mastery cannot be demonstrated, the student will be asked to repeat the course. If a student cannot demonstrate mastery of the prerequisites the student will not be allowed to continue in the class.

Note that classes sometimes show "Sessions"; Basic Climbing Session A, for example. Sessions are simply alternate dates of the same class. In other words, you may choose Session A or Session B, depending on which dates work best for you. You do not have to complete both Session A and Session B.

NOTICE: Classes must have a minimum of four students signed up and the requisite number of instructors. If either number is too low, the class may be canceled.



31 Days or More

 Full refund less $35/per person processing fee


Full credit can be transferred to the same or other schools in the future without incurring a processing fee.


8 to 30 days

Full refund less 25% of fee paid but no less than $35/per person processing fee.


Full credit can be deferred until next same school without incurring a processing fee, if the same school in the future is not on the schedule at the time of cancellation then the deferment is not an option.

7 days or less

No refund or credit


Sorry it is past the registration deadline for this event.