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Grand Canyon

2018 Grand Canyon Raft & Hike

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April 29 - May 10, 2018

CMC Members: $4877
Non-Members: $5419

Trip Overview

Experience the Grand Canyon's hidden areas on this 12-day, hike-intensive raft trip. Hatch River Expeditions will lead our group through 188 miles of river on 35' motorized S-rig boats while giving us access to hikes in areas that can only be reached from the river.

There are several opportunities for point-to-point hikes where we can hike from one drainage to the next and the raft will pick us up later in the day! Because the use of these quiet motorized rafts allows for more hiking time, we will have loads of hikes suited for B and C hikers during our days on the river.

The trip begins after a cozy stay at the Cliff Dwellers Lodge and departs from the historic Lee’s Ferry. Hatch River expeditions will provide all meals, snacks, life jackets, tents, cots, camp sleep kits, camp chairs and arrange for the included helicopter ride from Whitmore Wash to the north rim and our fixed-wing flight back to the cars at Marble Canyon, AZ.


Activities / Difficulty

The hikes will vary in difficulty in the range of the CMC levels of B, and C. In general, a couple hiking levels will be available on most days. There is always the option to take the day off and rest in camp or at the river. All of our hiking will take place below the altitude of Denver (the river at Lee’s Ferry is at 3,210 feet). Because this is the desert, one must be able to adapt to the heat and cold. Some of the hikes offered will be full day hikes of significant distance and elevation gain. Many hikes may follow a social trail or are off trail.



Activity (distances are approximate)


Travel on your own to Marble Canyon, AZ.
Leaders will facilitate carpooling for those interested.

Arrive by mid-afternoon at Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon.

Settle in and complete any last-minute packing and/or organizing you may need to do.

Group meeting in the evening to cover all aspects of the trip and answer questions.


Today we’ll meet our river guides and get started on our amazing raft and hike adventure.

Hike Petrified Wood/Historic Lee’s Ferry Site at RM-0.

River rapids at Badger Creek RM-8, Soap Creek RM-11.5, and House Rock RM-17.


Hike N. Canyon at RM-20.5, Short S. Canyon/Redwall Cavern at RM-33; 2 miles

River rapids at Roaring 20’s/Cave Springs RM-25.5 and President Harding at RM-44.


Hike Saddle Canyon RM-47.5, Nankoweap Granaries/Little Colorado swim;
2 miles

River rapids at Nankoweap RM-52 and Kwagunt RM-56.


Hike (MH) Carbon Creek to Lava Canyon/Chaur Creek at RM 65-66. View pictographs and a birthing chair.
4 miles

River rapids at Lava Canyon RM-66, Tanner RM-69 and Unkar RM-73.


Hike (MH) Tabernacle Peak from Upper Rattlesnake camp to Phantom Ranch at RM-88;

River rapids at Nevils RM-76, Hance RM-77, Sockdolager RM-70, Grapevine RM-82 and Pipe Springs RM-89.5.


Hike (MH) Monument Creek to Hermit Creek at RM-94-95. Enjoy lunch at Hermit Creek spot;
6 miles

River rapids at Horn Creek RM-91, Granite RM-94, Hermit RM-95.5, Boucher RM-97, Crystal RM-99, Tuna RM-100 and The Jewells.


Hike Elves Chasm RM-117, (MH) Stone Creek (middle water falls) RM-132.5;

River rapids at Bass RM-108+, Shinumo RM-109, Hakatai RM-111, Waltenberg RM-113, and Bedrock RM-131.


Hike Tapeats Creek/Thunder R/Surprise Valley/Deer Creek/Deer Creek Narrows, Dutton Springs RM 134.5-137; 8 miles and most challenging

River rapids at Deubenndorff RM-132+ and Tapeats RM-134.


Hike (MH) Kanab Creek (Whispering Spring), RM-144;

River rapids at Doris RM-138, Fishtail RM-140 and Kanab RM-144.


Hike (MH) Havasu Creek to Beaver Falls, RM-157;

River rapids at Upset RM-150, Sinyala RM-154 and Havasu RM-157.


Hike National Canyon, RM-167;

River rapids at Fern Glen Rm 168.5, Gateway RM-172, Lava Falls RM-179.7 and Son of Lava RM-180.

After dinner tonight, we’ll have a group program and thank our guides for their tremendous service.


On the final day of our fabulous raft and hike adventure, we’ll meet our helicopter and crew for our 11-minute flight out of the Canyon. We’ll helicopter to Bar 10 Ranch on the North Rim, and then fly to Las Vegas, Page, or Marble Canyon where we say our final good-byes. (If returning to Marble Canyon, airport transportation back to our parked cars is included.)

Home or onward travels.


Trip Leader: Cindy and David Smith

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